The Role of the CDO in Data-Driven Business Transformation

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Research firm Gartner predict that 90% of large organisations will have a Chief Data Officer role by 2019. It’s one of the emerging executive roles and made the press in 2015 when the UK government named its first Chief Data Officer. Soon after, the Financial Times appointed their first ever CDO and more and more leading businesses are employing CDO’s in a bid to drive competitive advantage and as data-driven technology provides unprecedented opportunities for innovation and change.

Much of the business transformation and innovation in today’s marketplace is driven by data. Historically, dealing with data has been a role that has been associated with the “back office” of IT. Data-driven enterprise is leading to a rise in the CDO, but how does this role differ from, or collaborate with, roles such as the Chief Analytics Officer or the Chief Information Officer? Is the CDO a leader of business transformation, a supporting role that defines the technical infrastructure for change, or a combination of both? Join this EM360 Podcast as Moderator Donna Burbank, Managing Director, Global Data Strategy, Ltd, encourages industry experts David Pieterse, EMEA Vice President Cloudera Vincent Powell, Analytics & Data Management EMEA Sales Director HPE and Sylvain Filippi, Chief Technology Officer DS Racing Formula E Team to share their views on the role of the CDO.

The panellists are asked a series of thought-provoking questions, from what it means to be a data business to what the CDO’s role is in this data-driven transformation, and they debate whether the role is a business-centric role, or should be considered an IT position. Addressing Data Governance and Data Security, the impact of the GDPR’s fines on how organisations manage their data assets and how organisations can leverage new technologies, such as the IoT for strategic advantage, this podcast offers a diverse and detailed insight into how the CDO is transforming business.

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