Low Code Automation: Strategies For a Better Employee Experience

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There are many strategies for managing employee onboarding, experience, and retention, however, one of the most effective is low code automation. Low code automation can speed up and ease processes for companies of any size and industry, and many organisations are already using it to improve their employee workflows. Manually integrating a new employee into a company - i.e. sorting out new hire paperwork, organising an orientation programme, and setting up performance metrics for example - is a thing of the past. With low code automation, you can solve the decades-long HR challenge of the joiner, mover, and leaver process, thereby improving your employee experience and reducing IT effort. 

Low code automation is one of the simplest strategies for employee experience and retention

In this podcast, EM360's Head of Content, Max Kurton speaks with Paul Turner, Product Marketing Consultant at, about how low-code automation can reduce the strain that user provisioning and onboarding puts on IT and HR departments. Within the discussion, they cover:

  • Current challenges IT teams are facing with user provisioning onboarding and day-to-day manual tasks, plus their knock-on effects on organisations as a whole
  • How to implement integration into an API-first approach 
  • The long-term benefits of an API-first approach on key business areas such as IT productivity, employee retention, and developer workload 

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