Cloudera Episode 12: Accelerating the Digital Transformation of Business

Published on
07/10/2021 04:24 PM

The 'digital transformation of business' movement is trending. Across the globe, organisations of all sizes and sectors are adopting or planning to implement digital technology to improve their workings. However, there is a big difference between dipping your toe into the pool of digital transformation and completely diving into it. 

Going All-In on The Digital Transformation of Business 

After 11 episodes, Scott Taylor, Principal Consultant at MetaMeta Consulting, is back to host the series finale of the Cloudera Podcast. Joining him to discuss going all-in on digital, plus why this approach is the difference between surviving and thriving, is Hollison, President at Cloudera. In his exploration, walks through the evolution of digitisation and outlines what it means to jump all-in to digital transformation versus simply wading in the shallow water. Closing thoughts also address:

  • Balancing the need to be agile and the pressures of regulatory requirements
  • The state of transformation in 2020-21
  • What Cloudera is doing to help their customers during this trying time

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