Minitab: Simplifying the Data Analyst Job with Integration and Automation

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Data integration is a crucial process for data analysts and businesses to achieve a unified view of information. Get this process right, and your data analysis can be smooth and painless. To unlock these benefits, many organisations are implementing integration solutions into their data strategies. These solutions retrieve data from multiple sources and consolidate it into one centralised system. But are data analysts using these solutions correctly – or missing their full potential?

In this podcast, Scott Taylor, Principal Consultant at MetaMeta Consulting, speaks to Bob Selfridge, Global Market Development Manager at Minitab, about simplifying the data analyst job with automated integration and the journey to proper use for data analysis. Scott and Bob unpack the current state of data integration, walking through the struggles and challenges that people may come up against throughout the data journey and the approaches they can use to overcome them. Bob also lends his expertise on how to ensure organisations make the most of their data integration and analysis programs to evaluate their activities, understand ROI, and bring value to their constituencies. The conversation closes with a look at real-world data integration and analysis use cases.

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