Cloudera Episode 9: Data Visualisation

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Cloudera Episode 9: Data Visualisation

Three of the biggest challenges that come with operationalizing data for use by the business are breaking down barriers to production, creating trust in analysis and predictions, and eliminating siloes from technical teams to business units. Yet, research suggests that these obstacles can be overcome with a single solution: data visualisation. 

In this podcast, Scott Taylor speaks to Chris Darvill, RVP Solutions Engineering at Cloudera, about the business benefits of data visualisation. Chris begins by explaining how companies can bring data to life with data visualisation tools, before exploring what it means to have a 'common language' between data teams and the business. He then sheds light on the relationship between data storytelling and data visualisation - including the human element in visualisation - and outlines the key aspects that data leaders need to consider when implementing these types of tools. 

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