The Virtual MarTech Summit Vietnam: Tuesday, 19 September 2023

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Virtual Martech Summit

Welcome to The Virtual MarTech Summit Vietnam, where you will have the opportunity to connect with top minds who focus on the Vietnam market. The MarTech Summit is an invaluable experience for anyone interested in leveraging technology to optimise their marketing efforts & stay ahead of the curve. You’ll hear from leaders working in a cross-section of industries whose stories illustrate unique company insights, strategies, & innovations.

As digital adoption and innovation continue to shift consumer behaviour, crafting impactful digital experiences is fundamental in reaching the right audience. Savvy tech adopters and tomorrow’s consumers will demand instant solutions, unprecedented access, and the technology to match. Coming to the next normal, businesses are braced for an era of customisation, connection, and cohesion.

This summit will be delivered through a blend of fireside chats, panel discussions, and expert talks. Experienced thought-leaders will cover cutting-edge topics including MarTech Stack, MarTech Trends, Content Marketing, Omnichannel Marketing, Customer Data, Marketing Innovation & more.

This may be a Vietnam-Market focused summit, but it is also perfect for marketers who are interested in the local region and latest MarTech Trends. All are welcome!


Event: The Virtual MarTech Summit Vietnam
Location: Virtual
Date:  19 September 2023

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