Almost every new technology that has emerged over the past few decades has presented to enterprises the same question – should we build, install, deploy, and maintain this technology ourselves or should we work with a partner organization to do it for us? This is one of the most important questions an organization has to answer when it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects. Data scientists have a tough job. The business expects them to deliver untold insight from the data it holds, yet it’s often the case that they are over-stretched and under-resourced, lacking the tools to do the job that is expected of them. Even if the data science team is well-staffed with a selection of skilled employees, it doesn’t mean that they can spend untold time on complex projects nor does it mean that they will have every base covered. AI and Machine Learning (ML) requires specialized skills and knowledge that even the biggest inhouse teams may struggle to cover. That’s why many inhouse data science teams need the support of an external provider to really deliver on their ML projects. Squirro is one such provider, armed with vast commercial know-how and a proven and powerful Augmented Intelligence technology. We work with businesses all over the world, supplying our scalable solutions, which are a perfect vehicle for data science teams to bring their algorithms to their business users and drive ROI. Download this whitepaper and learn how you can turn your data science team into business superstars, unlocking the full value from your machine learning projects.