Octopai: Advanced Data Lineage The Key to Removing the Chaos in Modern Analytical Environments

Published on
12/12/2019 12:48 PM

With more and more data running through an increasing number of BI systems, enterprises today struggle to find and understand their data within growing analytics environments. Metadata management automation that enables automatic data discovery and lineage provides users with a comprehensive understanding of where their data resides, along with a complete history of its origin.

Advanced data lineage tools, such as Octopai, make this possible by giving enterprises the ability to quickly and accurately capture and document the entire data movement process. In this whitepaper, “Advanced Data Lineage: The #1 Key to removing the chaos in modern analytical environments,” Dr. Claudia Imhoff discusses many use cases for data lineage and stresses the characteristics one should look for in mature data lineage technologies. Moreover, she looks at how organisations can and should reduce chaos in their analytics environment by leveraging such tools.

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