How can data collection be streamed and integrated with intelligence?

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Evolving Data Platforms

Technology changes at such a rapid rate that the digital enterprise faces increasing pressures of modernisation. Data platforms have been continuously evolving resulting in today's highly diverse environment. The ability to instantly process and get value from data continues to redefine all organizations.

Unfortunately, this isn't always the easiest process to always be one step ahead. Enterprises need to abandon outdated legacy systems and move into a technology architecture that allows them to unlock the value in data it produces. Therefore, as businesses move forward, it will be the ability to react to data in the moment and in real time which will dictate success, or failure, for many organisations.

The Striim Solution

One company that is looking at a solution to data streaming with an intelligence platform is Striim. With today's highly diverse environment most systems may incorporate hybrid cloud models with elastic capabilities from a wide variety of sources, including real-time sensor information. Also, using real-time insights powered by streaming data hubs like Kafka and advanced analytics through ML and AI. With all of these factors and the ever-increasing volume of data and advancements in technology, many organizations can start to feel lost.

Striim's enterprise-grade, streaming integration with intelligence platform allows enterprises to build continuous, streaming data pipelines. These pipelines make it easy to power real-time cloud integration, log correlation, edge processing, and streaming analytics. The process captures data as soon as its created from sensors, messaging systems, to files and databases to create real-time data streams, these streams are able to continuously move data. The purpose of Striim is to integrate seamlessly into an enterprise with a platform that is customizable, inherently distributed, scalable, reliable and secure.

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