NoSQL “leaders” revealed in new Forrester report

Published on
12/12/2019 01:51 PM

NoSQL, short for "Not only SQL", is a modern essential in the tech industry, and the faster it is embraced the more efficiently can companies support modern business applications. A report from Forrester shows that companies like RedisLabs, DataStax and Couchbase are at the forefront of NoSQLs, embracing databases that support and reinforce optimisation, innovation and data processing that is cost effective and effective.

Couchbase in particular reinforce the fact that they are the world's most powerful NoSQL database, so it's no wonder they were chosen by Forrester. With built-in analytics, enterprise-grade security, active-active global replication, multi-dimensional scaling and much more, Couchbase focus on making their product as well rounded as possible, so all the (couch)bases are covered when investing in a database for profit.

Enterprises reap the benefits of NoSQL's ability to scale out wit low-cost servers and an ability to process and access any type of business data. These platforms can give EA professionals greater control over data storage and processing, along with configurations that accelerate application deployments. So when it comes these benefits, Couchbase are one of the pioneers in accommodating them without any setbacks, by thinking through what security and agility obstacles might get in the way beforehand.

The Importance of Data Transformation

At the Norwegian Energy Day on Tuesday, March 19, hosted by the Norwegian Consulate General and several corporate sponsors, Darryl Willis, V.P. for Oil, Gas & Energy at Google Cloud stressed the importance of data and embracing its transforming nature: "As an industry, we have to challenge ourselves to do things fast,” he said. “Regarding exploration, we need to look at more data and find more insights. I want to see explorationists spend less time on menial tasks and more time on evaluation and (decision-making)."

Optimisation and efficiency are becoming key in all industries, but providers of this need to have the same sharpness and pragmatism that Couchbase have. The importance of the growing world of data is becoming a significant factor, one that has a long way to go before everyone is updated and ready to tackle the challenges of embracing NoSQL.

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