How can enterprises transform Big Data analytics into real-time decisions?

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For many companies, data is an inexhaustible resource that provides invaluable analyses. Nevertheless, an insightful whitepaper from VoltDB illuminates the value of turning data analytics into real-time decisions.

Transform analytics into real-time decisions

In order to transform data analytics into operational decisions, VoltDB suggests a number of methods. From the backend, companies should apply the power of intelligence and analytics to make real-time decisions.

First of all, this involves executing "numerous complex rules and business logic" within each individual transaction. As we "live in a world where users expect lightning quick interaction within their applications", it is vital that results or decisions are provided within milliseconds.

The system must also be able to handle hundreds of thousands (even millions) of concurrent users of the application. In addition to this, it should accommodate the requests of all users at a "transactional level and at the same time."

Finally, the system must consistently deliver a quality performance. As VoltDB asserts, companies should return "100% of the customer requests" within the budget latency (milliseconds).

Implementing an in-memory database

VoltDB is an "in-memory database", which brings analytics to life by "empowering" them to serve customers directly. It possesses a highly innovative architecture, which has "eliminated many bottlenecks in the legacy databases and enables highly parallel execution on distributed data stores."

It also provides a "very low latency of single digitals of milliseconds", while ensuring high throughput of millions of transactions per second. Overall, these capabilities enable applications to ensure "the interaction in real-time" for all users.

VoltDB also includes stored procedures that move logic to the server side, which places processing near the data. As a result, this empowers the system to "process millions of transactions per second in production" and achieve consistent performance.

Moreover, VoltDB ensures that there is no data loss with minimal programming within the application. Overall, the capabilities of VoltDB are undoubtedly crucial to providing real-time decisions on streaming data.

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