Stratoscale: Oracle to PostgreSQL Migration

Published on
16/12/2019 11:15 AM

Oracle to PostgreSQL Migration: Expectation vs. Reality, Stratoscale

Many companies have been migrating from Oracle to PostgreSQL, mainly due to the burden of licensing fees and complexities in the Oracle model. Now, PostgreSQL is gaining traction in the data management system arena, becoming the most popular open source database. However, making the transition is not necessarily that easy. Companies should prepare ahead of time if they are considering making the switch.

In this podcast, we speak with Rami Honig, the Head of Content at Stratoscale, a software company offering software-defined data centre technology. Rami walks us through the pros and cons of the systems and lends his expertise on handling the transition. Rami also delves into the findings of a recent report conducted to let companies know what to expect.

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