ManageEngine: The Absolute Guide to SIEM

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ManageEngine: Guide to SIEM

No organisation is immune to security attacks, irrespective of their size, organisations are facing attack attempts every day. The main purpose of SIEM is to detect and stop security attacks by gathering and correlating activities happening across the network. Many SIEM Solutions or services offer different capabilities such as:


  • Log collection, processing, and archival.
  • Searching and reporting.
  • Real-time security monitoring.
  • End-to-end incident management and automated workflows.
  • Threat intelligence
  • User and entity behaviour analytics

In this whitepaper, ManageEngine outlines numerous capabilities of a SIEM solution. Also, a checklist for choosing the right SIEM solution. Finally, they detail an overview of ManageEngine’s comprehensive SIEM solution. Their Log360 comprehensive SIEM solution helps security professionals meet their heavy auditing, security and compliance needs.