Infinite Convergence: Mobile-First Communications Drive Productivity Gains for the Connected Workforce

Published on
12/12/2019 12:48 PM

Mobile communications and messaging have become the norm for the modern workforce. A majority of employees are relying primarily on smartphones to communicate with each other and with their clients, partners and suppliers. They also rely heavily on messaging for personal and business communications.

To better understand the dynamics and opportunities regarding the role that mobility and messaging play in the modern work environment, 451 Research conducted two custom surveys targeting IT decision-makers and employees across the globe. We asked the executives, directors and IT managers about the current state of mobility in their organizations, and its impact on productivity. We asked end users about the devices and productivity and collaboration technologies they use on a regular basis, the impact these have in helping them get their work done and the pain points they experience. This paper examines those responses to look at both the challenges and opportunities that users and IT decision-makers face with respect to the role that mobility plays for enabling an agile working environment.