Cloud-Based IT Asset Inventory: A Solid Foundation for Infosec Infrastructure

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Complete, unobstructed visibility of your IT environment is the foundation for effective cybersecurity.

Without a full, detailed inventory of all your IT assets, your InfoSec team won’t be able to properly protect your organization because the things that pose the highest risk are the ones that you don’t know are there.

This whitepaper explains, how many organizations have lost control over their IT asset inventory as they rush to adopt digital transformation technologies that have blurred the boundaries of their network perimeters. If you find yourself in this predicament, you need to fix it.

This lack of visibility into your IT environment undermines the foundations of your enterprise security and compliance infrastructure and puts you at serious risk of a breach. You can’t protect what you don’t
know exists in your network.

To regain a complete, detailed and continuously updated inventory of all your IT assets, wherever they reside, you need an automated, cloud-based system that gives you the right capabilities.

Read this whitepaper and learn about the six key elements of an ideal cloud-based IT asset inventory system.