Top 10 Customer Experience Analytics Solutions

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Countless studies that predict future marketplace trends show that customer experience (CX) often stands out as a key differentiator. Today’s consumers care more about the experiences they get when engaging with brands than anything else – including price and product features. As a result, 72% of organisations see CX as their key area of priority.  The question is, how do companies know whether they’re making the right decisions to delight their customers? The only way to know for certain is to examine the data.  CX analytics solutions allow business leaders to filter through the data available to them and collect actionable insights. Here are some of the most useful CX analytics solutions for your business in time for 2020.


Finally, as one of the best-known CX analytics platforms in the world today, Zendesk is a global leader in providing in-depth insights into customer conversations. With Zendesk, businesses of all sizes can build smoother, more hassle-free moments with their customers through proactive tools that allow agents to access information about customer needs, fast.  Zendesk takes a holistic approach to customer support and provides agents with all the tools they need to manage queries coming from different channels. Within Zendesk, you can also find a wide selection of reports and metrics to help you track the ever-improving performance of your team. 

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Kissmetrics is a completely digital product that today’s business leaders can use to dive into the details of every interaction with their target market. The system comes with a complete metrics dashboard, access to buyer funnel details, customer journey reporting, and even trigger-based notifications. As well as this, there’s endless information available to help you improve conversations and boost engagement.  Furthermore, the Kissmetrics environment integrates with your existing tools to provide you with a complete overview of what’s happening in each connection between your company and your customers. 


NewVoiceMedia is a cloud contact centre and a CX management system in one. Basically, you get everything you need to run a comprehensive contact centre in the cloud. In particular, the NewVoiceMedia offering comes with global deployment and reliable 99.999% uptime and availability. NewVoiceMedia’s analytics segment ensures that business leaders can give agents and teams the information they need to optimise CX at every stage of the buyer journey.  With a seamless Salesforce integration, you can connect in-depth customer data with your communication channels for more personalised interactions. NewVoiceMedia also allows users to preserve the history of every interaction with logging, recording, and storage inside Salesforce.


Nextiva is a state-of-the-art communication system for businesses that want to differentiate themselves in their chosen market through excellent CX. Essentially, the Nextiva brand offers today’s companies a blend of incredible business VoIP combined with tools that engage their customers and make it easier to manage relationships.  With Nextiva, you can get a real-time view into your customers and every conversation that you have. What's more, Nextiva helps companies make more strategic decisions with visual reports and tools. In turn, you can fully transform your service offering. 


Five9 is a leading company in the CX and contact centre market. The company's next-generation contact centre and CX analytics software makes it easier for brands of all sizes to accomplish more when they’re on the phone with clients. The cloud software comes with access to things like smart diallers to give agents more time with their prospects. Furthermore, it comes with intelligent routing to send the right customer to the best agent for the job. With Five9, you get more than just a basic analytics platform. Instead, users get access to an all-in-one solution for contact centre management and customer engagement. 


Qualtrics' solution is specifically designed to enhance the experiences that you offer your customers through personalised, data-driven conversations. This experience management (XM) software is one of the world’s leading XM options in the industry. Qualtrics provides team members with the tools that they need to close experience gaps in the customer journey.  With this state-of-the-art software, businesses and their agents can collect useful business data from multiple touch points in the customer cycle. From there, you can analyse the information that’s relevant to your team. Not only that, you can automate actions that drive significant improvements for your organisation at a rapid pace. 

Zoho CRM 

Zoho CRM is one of the best-known CX analytics solutions on the market today. This immersive environment helps businesses of all sizes engage with customers and leads, gaining insights about business operations and consumer interactions. With Zoho CRM, you can build a scalable sales process that makes it easier to connect with your customers through every point in the sales cycle.  Already, the Zoho environment is trusted by a number of leading brands, including Netflix, Ducati, Suzuki, and With this software, you can quickly and easily engage with customers through a multi-channel environment, automate routine tasks, and even measure crucial metrics that affect your brand reputation. 

Genesys PureCloud

Genesys PureCloud is a sensational all-in-one contact centre solution that combines all of your tools for customer interaction into a single place. With PureCloud, you can combine your IT discussions, contact centre analytics, marketing, and sales information in an environment that makes it easier to analyse your data and also leverage actionable information from the results.  When email, chat, social, and other components in your customer service strategy are combined, it’s much easier to deliver the experiences that are relevant and appealing to your target audience. The PureCloud system from Genesys is also built on the cloud, which means it’s quick and easy to deploy. What’s more, the whole experience is configured for reliability and redundancy. 


Kustomer is a customer service analytics app that offers businesses real-time and actionable views into client interactions. The service allows for a complete omnichannel overview of your current conversational landscape. Therefore, you can accelerate your conversions and keep tedious issues with customers to a minimum.  With Kustomer, you can unify and align your complete activity and purchase history from all systems into a single interface and timeline. Thus, your team and agents will have access to all the information they need to create meaningful and contextual moments with customers. 


Clarabridge is a CX analytics solution for teams of any size, in any vertical. In particular, it's designed to help companies tap into things like sentiment, natural language processing, data categorisation, and more. In turn, Clarabridge gives you a complete overview of what your company needs to drive better business performance.