Speechmatics: Cloud communications and the New Voice

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Speechmatics: Cloud communications and the new voice

In the workplace, telephony has defined voice for a long time. However, since the introduction of VoIP, a lot has changed. In particular, the transition from circuit based telephony to packets has played a large part in where we are now, paving the way for AI-enabled opportunities.

In this podcast, Jon Arnold of J Arnold and Associates speaks with Ian Firth, VP of Products at Speechmatics. Firstly, they review how VoIP has become the standard that will replace TBM and what this means for IT. Furthermore, in light of today's increasingly digital environment, he explains the challenges of seeing voice become more of an enterprise-grade application, paying particular regard to real time. They then delve into the idea of the 'New Voice' and how AI and cloud are shaping this.

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