Business today is not confined to four walls. With many companies embracing remote working, it has become more than just a 'work from home' policy. Instead, employees can now work how they like, from anywhere they like. Remote working is still a very new concept. However, many businesses are trialling the trend to offer heightened flexibility and the best possible work environment for their employees. Thus, when making remote working a possibility, a number of considerations need to be made that may come as a surprise.

Ironing out intricacies

Today's workplace often uses several communication types. This makes it particularly complicated and creates hassle for employees who would like to work remotely. Thus, all-in-one cloud-based communications and collaboration solutions are in high demand. These offer employees seamless communication experiences and allow them to stay better connected. IT leaders will also relish the ability to manage tools from a single vendor – in particular, the fact it'll be less hassle! However, with a number of communications platforms available today, it's important to choose wisely to perfectly execute this type of company culture. What's more, you'll need to find a solution that's truly all-encompassing to really make the most out of your unified experience.

Your 'GoTo' for a perfect platform

Bringing two new players into the sphere, LogMeIn have just introduced GoToConnect and GoToRoom. These two products bring reliability, security, and the power of IoT to give IT leaders the optimal single vendor experience. What's more, employees can access voice and video chat and in-room conferencing to enable them to work how/where they wish.


Coupled with cloud-based telephony, GoToConnect delivers powerful audio, video, and screen sharing in one seamless experience. Workers can use a web browser or downloadable app to easily communicate and stay connected. GoToConnect provides a web, audio, and video conferencing experience with a highly professional feel. What's more, GoToConnect also has SMS/text messaging, visual voicemail, and VoIP calling capabilities. Demonstrably, if you're looking for that all-encompassing experience, GoToConnect has you covered.


Another consideration for organisations in enabling efficient remote working is conferencing. GoToRoom is an all-in-one solution that can implement huddle rooms and medium-sized conferences without a time-consuming setup. In doing so, GoToRoom provides you with everything you need to host and attend meetings. Better still, GoToRoom doesn't require constant IT intervention, making it a highly reliable solution for today's workplace. GoToRoom's fast, easy-to-use, and cost-effective system, in collaboration with Dolby's best-in-class hardware solutions, helps you deliver high-end and lifelike conferences. The GoTo portfolio can help you better modernise your business without the drawbacks of timely setups. You can rest assured that, with GoTo, you can keep up with the demands of tomorrow.

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