What is the impact of millennial employees on UCaaS adoption?


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20/04/2020 01:53 PM

2020 is not only the start of a new year, but a new decade. While we have quickly busied ourselves with the top tech predictions for this new era, a significant change we can expect to see resides within the employees.

Statistics suggest that millennials will make up more than the UK workforce in the new year. In turn, organisations can embrace the technology capabilities that this generation comes with.

Millennials make for a special bunch because of their exposure and immersion in technology from infancy. This generation in particular is the first of its kind to grow up with tech as a native skill. People born in the 80s and 90s have been trying out and growing with technologies since each gadget's very advent. In turn, they are very tech literate with new and existing innovations.

Thus, as millennials begin to make up the bulk of the workforce, organisations can begin to really take advantage of their tech capabilities. In particular, businesses can embrace newer technologies and reap the benefits of them quicker as millennials exercise their tech savviness.

It couldn't come at a better time either. As businesses look to digitally innovate for their transformation initiatives, they can take comfort in the fact that millennial employees will take to new technologies quickly.

Within the realm of unified communications (UC), millennials are completely reshaping the field. In particular, this generation is paving the way for UC-as-a-Service (UCaaS). UCaaS presents an entirely new way of working and is attractive for the business and millennial employees alike.

How do millennials drive UCaaS?

As a recap, UCaaS encompasses various communication methods in the cloud. In turn, employees can enjoy improved communication and collaboration all day every day, no matter what the method is or where they are.

Flexibility has become a core pillar of modern business today, and UCaaS enables just that. In particular, there has been a widespread focus on remote working and its benefits; many studies have shown that this style of working can be advantageous. However, to execute it well, employees must have the right technology in place and the know-how of using it.

Millennials are driving UCaaS because they have the ability to embrace it. With UCaaS, millennials could travel the world and take work with them if they wanted to. What's more, UCaaS enables them to tailor their work around themselves. In turn, they can enjoy better job satisfaction.

Similarly, with UCaaS, it doesn't matter if your employees and clients are all spread out across the globe. UCaaS enables everyone to connect quickly and seamlessly for video and voice calls as long as the right hardware is in place. In turn, your organisation can embrace constant connection to each other and their clients, while your employees can travel and work more conveniently for themselves.

In terms of the communication itself, UCaaS provides instant messaging capabilities that millennials will already use every day. These features are parallel to that of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and the like. Millennials are sure to enjoy quick real-time communication over slower and more complex email threads.

Overall, UCaaS shows a lot of promise in what it can offer employees. With a more satisfied and empowered workforce, who knows what your business can achieve?

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