Vonage and NewVoiceMedia: The Human Side of Communications

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Communications has experienced significant innovation, particularly in the realm of customer experience (CX). In fact, CX has grown exponentially as a priority for customer-facing businesses. Today, a number of technologies are now available for organisations to help them improve the CX they deliver and gain a competitive edge. However, the human side of communications is equally as important to keep them ahead in the CX game.

Here to lend her expertise on the matter is Ella Morrison, Behavioural Designer at Cowry Consulting. Firstly, she gives an overview of what the ‘human side’ of communications actually is, as well as the direction she feels it’s moving in. Ella also discusses what customers value the most out of experience, products, or price. Then, she details the role that technology plays in the human side of communications. Finally, Ella shares her thoughts on the future of CX.

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