How can Natural Language Processing improve communications?

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Over the past few years, advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) have improved exponentially. Amongst these innovations, Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology has transformed communications within the enterprise.

The communications challenge

A recent report from Content Guru indicates that linguistic complexities are particularly challenging for computers. However, recent technological developments in the private sphere have meant that customers now "expect to communicate with businesses vocally." Nevertheless, the wide range of linguistic variants render it difficult for computers to interpret every customer. This is due to slang, sarcasm, and subtle changes in voice, which results in a lack of understanding. Consumers are also "adept at noticing when they are not speaking to a human", which can cause frustration. Moreover, this frustration intensifies if the processor fails to interpret a customer's voice as it ultimately delays their contact resolution. Nevertheless, the implementation of NLP technology has enabled "effective and rapid resolution" using a "program that is able to utilise multiple databases to formulate a relevant response." Within the contact centre, this technology has the ability to completely transform customer interactions.

The solution

Within a contact centre, NLP can provide automated speech using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology. By automatically transcribing vocal customer interactions, NLP supports "compliance to increasingly stringent industry regulations."

This capability also enables agents to access all relevant data on demand. In effect, this reduces information discrepancies while supporting the "provision of a fully connected customer journey."

As the report notes, the implementation of NLP technology enables an organisation to thrive. By opening up an "increasingly popular channel to consumers", enterprises can benefit from reduced costs, improved customer satisfaction, and accelerated call resolution. However, it is also integral that AI can process this wealth of data effectively in order to direct customers and agents appropriately. This therefore requires a base platform with the capability of uniting all of a company's systems, so that the AI can "draw from multiple databases to formulate a response." Content Guru's AI toolkit, brain®, supports the use of NLP within a contact centre. Customers can have their queries resolved without having to speak to a live agent, while agents are able to access call transcriptions.

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