What do modern offices need from their headsets?

Published on
12/12/2019 01:49 PM

There are certain connotations that come with 'modern office'. Coffee machines, ice cold water dispensers, good lighting, and plants, to name a few. But it's not just about kitchen appliances and decor. Headsets in particular have become a familiar sight in work spaces, and with good reason. Just like the transition from telephones to mobile phones, headsets have overtaken as the most convenient way to work. However, using headsets alone is one thing. Making the most out of them is another. Headsets are continuously evolving, offering companies better ways to stay connected and work efficiently. Therefore, it's not as simple as just investing in them. It's about investing in the right one that can enhance productivity and provide the best possible quality.

Something flexible and versatile

Poly (previously Plantronics) offer a high-performance Bluetooth neckband headset that accommodates for typical business needs: Voyager 6200 UC. Users can enjoy clear talk technology, four omnidirectional microphones, and enhanced noise cancelling. Altogether, users benefit from an optimised voice and reduced background noise. Notably, the headset can connect to up to eight devices. This includes PCs, tablets, mobiles, or other Bluetooth-enabled device. It can also connect to any two at the same time. But perhaps the most important consideration when shopping for headsets is the audio quality. The 6200 promises professional-grade audio with enhanced digital signal processing. It also boasts four omnidirectional microphones, so, across these features, the sound you hear and the sound of your voice are as optimised as can be. Its Class 1 Bluetooth range is a bonus in terms of practicality, giving users not only the freedom to move, but freedom in staying connected.

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