Why will live video streaming become the next BYOD for the enterprise?

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Today, more enterprises are choosing to adopt live video streaming in order to communicate effectively. According to a whitepaper from VBrick and Frost & Sullivan, the explosive growth of enterprise video is imminent.

Live video streaming is on the rise

As the report observes, live video streaming is the latest consumer technology to enter the workplace. As a result, business leaders are beginning to realise the tool's ability to "dramatically impact brand, reputation, mission-critical applications, and network infrastructure."

Prior to live video streaming, bland and static corporate communications saturated the enterprise. These traditional tools inherently lack originality and offer limited scope for innovation and engagement.

Instead, video provides a personal dimension to enterprise communications due to its multi-faceted nature. In fact, video has enabled employees to "infuse their own particular brand of distinction to engage and captivate their audiences through interesting and interactive presentation formats."

With more companies now embracing remote and agile working, there is evidently a growing need for effective communication tools. As the report observes, however, companies must not overstate the importance of "using this engagement technique to attract, train, and retain talent."

Enterprise live streaming platforms

Although consumer live streaming platforms are infiltrating the corporate world, these tools do not address the specific requirements of video in the enterprise. VBrick notes that enterprise platform customers demand TV-quality broadcasts, while consumer platforms deliver substandard video quality.

Consumer live streaming platforms also broadcast globally, but enterprise live streaming platforms broadcast to authorised viewers. In addition to this, consumer platforms do not offer secure streaming, which is essential in the enterprise.

While consumer platforms consume unlimited Internet bandwidth, enterprise platforms use corporate networks with limited bandwidth. Finally, enterprise platforms require much tighter controls over conversational tools than consumer platforms.

With VBrick's Rev® enterprise video platform, organisations can use unlimited amounts of video communications. As the platform addresses the aforementioned challenges, enterprises can utilise a "modern portal experience" which "delivers premium visual quality across many devices and widely varying network conditions."

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