How can enterprises ensure excellent dialer performance?

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Today, the UK's compliance regulations makes it incredibly challenging for enterprises to ensure excellent dialer performance. Indeed, it is often simply too difficult for dialers to deliver any performance benefit under Ofcom's outbound policy.

The quality of dialer performance under compliance

It is evident that increased dialer regulation brings a number of challenges for companies. In fact, predictive dialing technology has come under immense scrutiny due to the increased regulation of "do not call lists."

In order to judge the effectiveness of a predictive dialer, it is important to decipher how the dialer performs under compliance. As a whitepaper from Sytel notes, the only way to measure this is to "look at the incremental performance that a dialer produces when, dialing under compliant conditions, it moves from progressive to predictive mode."

As a case study from Sytel observes, regulatory pressure often leaves users with little choice but to dial in progressive mode or undergo Ofcom's misuse test. However, progressive dialling often results in productivity losses and the misuse test can be risky.

Nevertheless, both of these scenarios are avoidable if enterprises implement the right dialer technology. Specifically, this entails technology designed from "the ground up" to tackle this challenge.

What is the solution?

One of the UK's fastest growing outsourcing businesses, Interact, was just one of the companies facing the issue of compliance. Interact thus chose Sytel as the "only known dialer to deliver excellent performance under Ofcom's policy on outbound dialing."

In order to avoid issues with Ofcom's misuse test, Interact elected to dial at "much reduced abandoned call rates" from the previous 3% limit. However, only Sytel delivers excellent performance benefits at such low levels.

Interact thus employed Sytel's AI dialer, a highly sophisticated AI dialer engine. As a result, Interact achieved a Predictive Gain of between 10 to 15 minutes per agent per hour.

Overall, this equated to almost a 30% increase in talk time in comparison to progressive dialing. According to CEO of Interact Neil Perring, the new Sytel AI dialer provided a "strong competitive advantage in the marketplace," while the "performance, reliability and adherence to compliance standards are second to none."

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