CX Day: How is artificial intelligence transforming customer experience?

Published on
12/12/2019 01:49 PM

Today is Customer Experience (CX) Day, which is a great reason to reflect on innovations that are driving CX today. 2019 has been a fantastic year for new ideas and trends to enhance it, putting many smiles on customer's faces. Of course, you can't talk about innovation without paying homage to artificial intelligence (AI). AI is sweeping through the enterprise like nobody's business, and CX is no exception to the rule. In particular, companies can zero in on AI to better their understanding of their customers and personalise their experience.

Intelligent customer service

Today, what once was a figment of sci-fi imagination is now a reality. In turn, being placed on hold is a thing of the past. This is because AI has made virtual assistants possible. These assistants can answer common customer queries via a chat window or similar medium, cutting the wait time we had grown regretfully accustomed to. If you require further assistance, the chatbot can often redirect you to a human agent. However, as the technology matures, even the more complex queries could soon be passed to the robot. This frees up the human agent to focus on issues that are trickier or more specific. Not only that, but there is a customer empowerment element to this style of self-service. By cutting out the help of your support team in place of AI, customers can quickly assist themselves instead. AI can also provide a more personalised experience. Think 'recommended for you' cropping up around any videos or products you're browsing. These are tailored to you based on your search history. Perhaps best of all, however, is that AI implementations are always-on solutions to provide round-the-clock help or recommendations to your customers. Alexa, Siri, chatbots – help is at your fingertips at any time.

The AnsweriQ to your AI endeavours

A common problem with AI is that organisations often lack the in-house skills necessary to pull it off. However, we see that as a perk. If you're still navigating your AI-CX needs, why not turn your attention to an all-encompassing platform that will do the work for you? One of our favourites is AnsweriQ. Their offering enables you to transform your customer service with self-service and agent AI. Before we go much further – if you're hesitant about having to engineer for its integration, fear not. AnsweriQ promises to integrate seamlessly with your CX management system. With AnsweriQ's AI and natural language processing models, you can take advantage of their highly scalable and reliable enterprise-class cloud infrastructure. Analytics is also an invaluable asset for CX, and AnsweriQ have this covered through its analytics dashboard. By keeping tabs on the metrics, you can better understand the customer patterns and their journey. What's more, in an age where automation is all the rage, AnsweriQ can help you eliminate the mundane tasks to free your teams to be more productive.

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