How might your organisation benefit from customer experience analytics?

Published on
12/12/2019 01:49 PM

Everybody wants to improve the customer experience they offer, but how do you improve improving it?

Customer experience analytics can help you make choices to better serve your customers. By zeroing in on the data collected from customer experience, you can see what works and what doesn't. Thus, you can fine-tune your customer experience strategy to better quench the insatiable desire that all organisations have to provide their customers with better.

What is it?

Customer experience analytics is the discovery, collection, and consequent analysis of customer data. Your business is already collecting data that you could use, but only to a degree; you need something more specific towards customer experience to unlock more valuable insights. In opting for customer experience analytics, you can identify patterns and pinpoint any areas that customers are struggling. What's more, by recreating customer journeys, you can experience your service through their perspective for a better understanding.

The analytics approach often features real-time reports and can also produce reports fashioned from historical data. Furthermore, it hones in on predictive analytics, which has asserted itself as a very valuable asset for businesses.

One feature that businesses might find particularly insightful are heatmaps, which are often built in to analytics platforms of this nature. The heatmaps allow you to see how long customers stay on different web pages, ultimately giving you a 'hot or not' of your site. Traffic insights reinforce this further, so you can identify your most popular pages. There are many other metrics, such as logging call lengths for resolution and clicks, to choose from across different applications.

Sooner or later, it'll be hard to imagine not having customer experience analytics. One day, we will look back fondly on the days that we had to rely on gut instinct (or make decisions based on angry customers' Facebook posts), but with relief we don't have to anymore. There are some truly fantastic solutions available on the market today, each boasting a different portfolio of features to meet your business needs.

Our favourite solutions

NICE inContact CXone Interaction Analytics Pro is a great application for cloud contact centres. It enables analysis of every interaction, thus helping you drive continuous improvement. In particular, you can better understand outcomes and identify emerging trends, making for a truly future-proof solution. However, customer experience endeavours are totally redundant unless you are maintaining compliance. Thankfully, the NICE inContact offering helps you manage compliance through enhanced monitoring and identifying inappropriate conversations.

In the social media realm, Netbase are leading the way with their artificial intelligence-powered customer experience analytics. This offering turns customer feedback from a range of sources into accurate, relevant, and valuable insights. It leaves no stone unturned either, generating insights from social media, reviews on digital forums, and even sarcastic survey responses! The Netbase promise is to turn unstructured data into action, ultimately helping you grow your business better by pinpointing what makes them loyal and how to keep them that way.

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