How can non-technical users create and publish interactive content?

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12/12/2019 01:49 PM

While interactive media improves visitor engagement, it is often difficult for non-technical users to create and publish interactive content. In order to address this, online customer engagement software provider Giosg has launched its Interaction Designer

Anyone can now create and publish interactive content

In effect, Interaction Designer is a new tool that enables companies to easily create and publish interactive content. Without coding, users can now build different interactive elements in order to engage with their customers.

Ville Rissanen, CEO at Giosg, commented on the launch of the new tool in a recent press release. “In such a dynamic and fast-paced world in order to succeed, businesses should be able to serve and help their online visitors or customers fast," Rissanen said. 

Interaction Designer delivers high ROI by enabling non-technical users to publish content, engage with visitors quicker, and detect every single lead. The ability to build and deliver various different interactions in real-time is thus incredibly beneficial.

Driving more value from a website

With the new tool, anyone can now design banners, questionnaires, polls, surveys or build their own button-based chatbots. A predefined set of button options is also available in order to guide users in the right direction. 

“Interaction Designer provides us with so many different ways to build our interactions," Matti Sahi, Customer Insight Specialist at K-Caara stated. "It takes only a few minutes for me to create a button-based chatbot to help my customers find the car they are looking for." 

Overall, the tool optimises website performance and captures more leads with the interactions created by non-technical users. By engaging with customers in real-time, Interaction Designer allows companies to deliver an enhanced customer experience.

Finally, users can create and publish interactions in minutes, improving productivity and maximising efficiency. By combining human interaction with technology, Giosg Interaction Designer is undoubtedly a sound investment.

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