How can businesses ensure the success of a contact solution?

Published on
12/12/2019 01:49 PM

In today's technological climate, effective communication is integral when it comes to ensuring the success of a contact solution. According to Odigo, satisfied agents and equally happy customers are key to building a powerful contact centre.

Improving customer experience

At present, customers use voice, mail, chat, text message, social media, and even video to connect with companies. As customers now interact more frequently with businesses, however, customer demands have reportedly "increased exponentially."

In order to provide an effective and enjoyable customer experience, organisations must reassess traditional methods of communication. First and foremost, it is crucial that customers are able to access the correct person or automated system as quick as possible.

Although phone remains an incredibly important tool for customer service, voice-based chatbots are also becoming more useful. Powered by AI, these tools have the ability to deliver a rapid return on investment, alongside overall improved customer satisfaction.

Enhancing agent experience

While customer satisfaction is integral, agent experience remains a key element of the contact centre. As customer queries can originate from a multitude of channels, agents need to be able to see them all in one place and recognise how they relate to one another.

In order to achieve this, Odigo provides an ominchanel agent console that places queries in context. The company also ensures that agents have a 360-degree overview of previous interactions, alongside the context of the current interaction.

Self-service bots are also incredibly effective as they allow agents to focus on solving more complex queries. Odigo solutions also come with a complete set of training material, as well as the option to design courses customised to a particular organisation and sector.

Ensuring business growth

Finally, assessing the effectiveness of a contact solution is key to ensuring business growth. With the standard Odigo service, the company provides a dedicated consultant who regularly assesses the success of an installation and suggests improved configurations.

Odigo also offers voice-of-the-customer analytics in order to provide a clearer picture of what customers want, say and feel. Using deep-learning analysis, the tool examines the content of calls, customer emails, and other communications.

In addition, Odigo delivers a holistic assessment of the overall effectiveness of an organisation's customer service. By utilising months or years of qualitative and quantitative data, the company essentially "provides insights against sophisticated, real-world benchmarks."

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