How can enterprises create a connected culture using video?

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12/12/2019 01:49 PM

In order to ensure a connected culture, businesses require effective and straightforward communication. By putting people at the heart of business, enterprises can create meaningful connections between teams and customers.

Transforming business with communication

According to an e-book from Highfive, creating a connected culture will transform the way businesses operate. In fact, the company insists that "the most innovative companies know that building a connected culture is key to success."

However, communication is not just an integral element of customer-facing roles. Internal collaboration is equally important when it comes to increasing productivity, creating stronger teams, and saving costs.

In an increasingly interconnected world, more enterprises are embracing remote work policies. As a result, it is now time for companies to create "an environment where ideas transcend geography."

The power of video

Simplifying communication in the workplace starts with specially designed software. In fact, cloud video conferencing provides an unparalleled experience for enterprise teams looking to create a connected culture.

With video, remote staff are able to join weekly meetings from anywhere. As a result, this fosters teamwork, keeps team members engaged, and "ensures that everyone receives the information they need as quickly as possible."

With Highfive, users can also create a specific link for a direct between managers and their direct reports. If one of both parties can't make it into the office, this tool provides the opportunity for a one-to-one meeting.

Including remote teams and outside contractors in a standup meeting is key to effective communication and high productivity. By adding a link to a weekly or daily standup meeting, remote team members can easily join in for "short and sweet updates."

The mobile app also encourages remote sales reps to update the rest of the team quickly and easily. By using a Highfive link in a calendar invite, the sales team can increase accountability and promote team selling.

Why are more businesses adopting video conferencing? Paul Clark, VP & EMEA Managing Director at Plantronics offered his insights

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