How can call recording enhance customer experience?

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"Calls will be recorded for quality and training purposes."

Most people will be familiar with this line when making contact with a call centre, but they don't necessarily know what this entails. At face value, you may assume recorded calls are for ensuring competency of call centre staff. However, call recording is not a tool for catching out inadequate agents (well, not just that). Rather, call recording unlocks a whole host of insights to enable myriad improvements.

At the risk of sounding dramatic, we must do what we can to protect our call centres. As self-service checkouts and online chatbots become the norm, call centres are so precious in that they remain a customer point of contact with an actual human – and who knows how long it'll be before they're replaced by an android (you snort, but it could happen).

Thus, call centres should put call recording solutions high up on their list of priorities. These solutions offer help organisations maintain agility and gain a competitive edge, and you don't want to fall behind. Nowadays, more companies are recognising these advantages than ever. In fact, call recording is expected to experience huge growth between now and 2025.

Keeping customers at the core

Improving the customer experience is at the forefront of organisations' priorities. Call recording enables a 360° view of your customer's journey with your company and allows you to identify room for improvement in the agents' interaction. With call recording solutions, you can listen in to any and every single one of your phone calls. This will allow you to assess your agents' usage of helper bots and other assets, as well as their individual performance.

Call recording solutions can also capture what is on the agent's screen. Thus, you can see exactly where they are getting their information from and how efficiently they can access it. By having full transparency here, you can determine whether the processes in place are getting your team to the resolution quick enough.

Furthermore, you can listen in to the call to check the standard of quality. To maintain an air of professionalism, the quality must be high and consistent throughout. This is especially important if your call centre handles complaints. You don't want to further frustrate your customer with disjointed service.

With customer satisfaction at the root of much organisational growth, call recording solutions are a must. By fine-tuning and fully understanding customer journeys with your organisation, you can better provide what your agent needs to deliver a faster, smoother customer experience.

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