How does effective communication help achieve sales growth?

Published on
12/12/2019 01:49 PM

Customer experience is key to a company's success, according to a new report by Fonolo. In fact, customer engagement is absolutely integral when it comes to growing a wider consumer base and achieving sales growth. However, Grypp points out that communicating via telephone can bring a wealth of both strengths and weaknesses. As a result, the company's mission is to "enable you to do everything on a Grypp call that you could do in a face to face meeting."

Enhancing the contact centre

In order to optimise customer engagement, enterprises must focus on enhancing their existing contact centres. As a result, businesses can potentially benefit from improved customer experience, increased sales, and decreased costs. Grypp's Augmented Calling is particularly useful when it comes to communicating effectively and efficiently. In fact, "Grypp allows anyone to connect, face to face and immerse in a wealth of compelling, interactive multimedia and practical tools." The system offers so much more than the traditional video calling or screen sharing tools. Rather, the system securely combines, integrates, and augments microphone and camera streams alongside interactive media into a shared virtual space.

The power of cloud

As Grypp is cloud-based, customers and agents do not require download software or hardware in order to communicate. As a result, agents can invite, connect and instantly begin sharing and engaging with customers across the globe. Moreover, the system allows agents to easily build trust and confidence in order to take customers on an interactive journey. From introduction to transaction, Grypp's Interactive Canvas and customisable Media Templates deliver compelling customer journeys. The in-call assistant Grypp Confirm also streamlines communication when discussing complex contractual, legal, or mandatory information. The tool presents 100% accurate order details and terms and conditions, while ensuring customer acknowledgement 100% of the time. Without anyone having to leave their seat, both companies and customers can benefit from a new, interactive way to communicate. Subsequently, this is not just video conferencing but an innovative method of presenting and delivering "a rich and immersive customer experience", while reducing costs and increasing sales.

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