Vonage and NewVoiceMedia: The case for cloud contact centres

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Vonage and NewVoiceMedia: The case for cloud contact centres

Cloud solutions offer great promise for contact centres. In particular, Contact Centres as a Service (CCaaS) can help companies deliver a better customer experience. However, following its induction, what place does CCaaS currently hold in the wider sphere of collaboration? Furthermore, what impact does CCaaS have on communications platforms?

In this podcast, Jon Arnold of J Arnold and Associates explores these questions with Rishi Dave, CMO at Vonage. Firstly, Rishi shares his definition of the CCaaS model. Then, he outlines the core elements of cloud-based contact centre solutions. Once an overview is firmly established, Rishi draws up comparisons between cloud and premise-based solutions. He then explains how organisations can benefit from moving to the cloud. Finally, Rishi emphasises how and why communications is at the heart of experience.

Listen to episode 2 here.

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