Top 10 Personalisation Tools for 2020

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In 2020, the question isn’t whether or not you should personalise your sales strategies. Customers everywhere are expecting more than ever before from their interactions with brands. Delivering custom-made experiences to your clients presents an excellent opportunity to earn sales. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of fantastic ways to add personalisation to your strategy, and it begins with using the right personalisation software. 

Personalisation software, or personalisation tools, help to customise content based on user behaviour and preferences. Used correctly, this technology reduces customer frustration by delivering more tailor-made experiences. According to Gartner, eCommerce businesses that personalise successfully could see an increase in profits of around 15%. 

So, which personalisation tools should you try?


The Emarsys software is a complete omnichannel and fully integrated marketing platform. This solution delivers all the tools that businesses need to connect with customers on a deeper level, including the option to create unified profiles for each type of customer. You can automate personalised messages across multiple channels, collect data, and use it to make informed decisions.

The Emarsys platform goes beyond the basics of data collection and segmentation to create more complex unified profiles for every client. With it, you can identify your most important audience segments, as well as opportunities for repeat business that you may not have noticed in the past. Emarsys also offers integrations with artificial intelligence tools to take your data predictions to the next level.


For companies that want to deliver more personalised experiences throughout the entire customer journey, there’s Segment. This tool comes with a free developer account where you can check out some of the latest available tools from the brand. You can also check out some of the premium features by enrolling in short trials too. 

Segment's software aims to deliver custom experiences for clients through algorithms that categorise and sort your customers based on their web traffic. The identity resolution tool syncs data from visitors who navigated to your website, then delivers a path to purchase that may be most suitable for their needs.


Bronto is another customer-centric software company that’s heavily focused on the concept of helping businesses accelerate customer success. This company offers a multi-channel support system through phone, email, and chat that’s available at all hours of the day. What’s more, customers can also work with Bronto specialists when devising an in-depth content strategy. 

One of the most attractive features that Bronto has to offer is its sensational email personalisation software. This tool offers in-depth insights into the email tendencies of customers, which helps to develop more clickable emails.


Sailthru’s personalisation technology is built around a 'prediction manager' tool. This solution can basically outline the potential revenue impact of every decision you make regarding marketing and content. In particular, the technology accesses machine learning to analyse the current content trends that your business relies on. It also evaluates how certain changes could improve your business performance.

As well as offering forecasting trends for the entire company, the prediction manager can also help to predict the actions of individual users. For instance, you can use it to determine how likely it is that someone will open a message or opt-in to an offer. Then, you can analyse the results of these predictions using a set of fantastic fully customisable reporting tools.


Qubit is an omnichannel personalisation software solution specially geared towards mobile technology. This solution works by segmenting your offline, online, and file-based information. From there, it generates carefully optimised content offers to deliver the best experiences for your users. 

Qubit also has an abandonment recovery tool that’s excellent for detecting exit behaviours and reducing your potential bounce rate. This could also mean that you end up with a better SEO ranking. For any visitors that do go elsewhere, the tool can also integrate with email service providers. As a result, you can follow up with your clients and draw them back to the shopping cart.


Nosto is dedicated to celebrating the unique aspects of individual customers. In particular, its software is all about connecting with your customers on a deeper level. With this offering, you can automatically predict your users next move and deliver the most relevant shopping experiences in real-time. 

The heart of the Nosto solution is the eCommerce intelligence engine, which uses state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms that have been trained specifically on eCommerce data for more than seven years. Nosto also promises its client the ability to see a 10-30% increase in revenue. Furthermore, it can also deliver up return on their investment of up to seven times when they begin using the software.


BrightInfo takes advantage of the existing content on your website to engage new customers and visitors who may wish to convert. Based on the content from your page, the personalisation algorithm within the software creates a set of dynamic widgets. Then, those same widgets will be on display throughout the natural browsing journey of your individual users. 

BrightInfo's unique algorithm can determine whether you should provide in-page or overlay offers to your customers, which is a great way to ensure that you’re giving your clients the kind of experience they need when they’re on your website.


Evergage, a Salesforce company, provides you with actionable, useful information and predictions about the buyer journey.". However, this tool unique for its focus on support for B2B brands. In particular, Evergage uses a one-on-one approach to create purchasing experiences for people buying on behalf of a larger company. 

With Evergage, you’ll get access to everything from real-time analytics to A/B testing and more. You will also be able to compare the results of your campaigns using in-depth reports that you can share with stake and shareholders.


If you’ve looked into email marketing and automation before, then you’ve most likely heard of OptinMonster. This software aims to help small and mid-sized businesses in creating more effective marketing campaigns throughout various points in the sales funnel. Not only is OptinMonster rich in features, but it comes with an affordable price tag too. 

Designed for those who need enterprise-level personalisation tools, OptinMonster offers everything from exit-intent popups to floating header messages. There’s also an irresistible coupon option that displays an offer specifically customised to suit the purchasing behaviour of the visitor.


Yusp is a focused personalisation engine committed to improving customer experience and, as a byproduct, business revenue. With Yusp, companies get access to an information filtering system that analyses visitors on a website or other platforms. The tool then takes the data that you collect and passes it through a machine learning engine to recommend the ideal product cross-sells and up-sells to each visitor. 

What really sets this tool apart is its attention to truly immersive personalisation options for brick-and-mortar companies too. You can use Yusp to add unique personalised messages to every part of the buyer journey, whether you’re offline or online.