How can companies take advantage of project management platforms?


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Organisations can apply digital transformation to just about anything – and why wouldn't they? Digital transformation is driving organisations to work better, smarter, and more efficiently. From automating menial tasks to artificial intelligence-driven chatbots, businesses are in for an exciting time.

The business bottom line and customer experiences are two things that'll experience significant advantages from digital transformation, but what can organisations do to ensure that their employees get to enjoy a piece of the action too?

More and more companies are treating their staff to project management platforms to help them work more effectively. Now that they have become more ubiquitous, it's odd to think organisations ever functioned without them!

Pre-project management tools, communications were all over the place. Inter/intra-department emails were the default, workflows became disjointed, and data had to be collected manually. Now, the potential that these tools have demonstrated has businesses scratching their heads as to why we didn't embrace them sooner.

Monday isn't always a bad thing

To better explain the perks of project management tools, we will use as an example. Bringing positive connotations to the most dreaded day of the week, transforms the way that team members collaborate to make everyone's work lives a bit easier.

The journey begins with a board. This board is fully customisable to help organisations manage their work. On the board, you can outline tasks and set statuses and timelines for each activity, as well as delegate tasks clearly and with ease. In turn, businesses can enjoy greater visibility into the progression of their tasks, as well as better control. This visibility could also motivate team members to get things done and always meet deadlines.

The platform's code-free automation capabilities significantly reduces the risk of human error. Therefore, your team can all use the platform freely without fear of disrupting a workflow.

One of the main selling points is the visual approach takes to displaying your projects and workflows. This means the information is easily digestible, enabling you to "see the picture at a glance, thus making it highly actionable for your team.

You can also add more than 50 integrations to streamline your workflows, and better still, you can do so with ease. Thus, you can enjoy having your data in one central hub, making everyone's day-to-day a lot simpler!

Furthermore, team members can leave comments on the board in a more instantaneous manner than email can offer. It also doesn't necessitate any significant expertise to work it; it's quite social media platform-esque and comes with an intuitive interface for ease of use.

The offering is capable of much, much more, so do make sure to pay them a visit. We can quite confidently say that this platform has a place in every enterprise, so there's nothing to stop you joining in on the future of workplace collaboration now.

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