Will the real Blockchain please stand up?

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Financial institutions have invested money looking at Blockchain.

However, there are now quite a few different approaches to Blockchain-based distributed ledgers. Which one is likely to be the best, and where will distributed ledgers play most strongly? In this whitepaper, you'll learn:

  • Bitcoin is not Blockchain - Bitcoin destroys the full capabilities of a distributed ledger through the use of Wallets.
  • Blockchain is not the only distributed ledger in town - which is good, as use cases should be rendered with more mature technology where possible.
  • Organisations should prepare for the inevitability of a distributed ledger.
  • Providers of the competing next-generation distributed ledgers must get their acts together to form end-to-end capability via a standardised underlying fabric.

A leap into the dark by organisations could also destroy trust in distributed ledgers. Quocirca advises that organisations look for a small, self-contained project to start off with – maybe something along the lines of dealing with contract details between the organisation and major suppliers. See what works, and what is problematic.