Intelligent Policy Automation Isn’t One-Size-Fits-All

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How Intelligent Policy Automation Can Increase the Speed & Security of Change Management Workflows 

Intelligent Policy Automation (IPA) is the industry’s only firewall policy change management solution that safely and effectively ensures policy automation needs are met. As a result, an organisation’s risk posture is greatly reduced. IPA is the only automation process that addresses each workflow stage of the change management:

  • Request
  • Design
  • Review
  • Implementation
  • Verification
  • Monitoring/Review

Firewall teams are under immense pressure to balance the needs of both business and the security and compliance groups. Therefore if access is denied even for security reasons, and it prohibits business, they get noticed and not in a good way. Conversely, access request approvals that violate security may go ignored or unnoticed, because in many cases, business productivity trumps security.

How challenging is it to make a policy change? Firewall practitioners face several challenges when it comes time made to change a security policy or rule. This white paper explores these challenges, provides the right solution within FireMon’s Policy Planner module discusses the Intelligent Policy Automation impact.