Inriver: Driving Revenue Faster – Why Product Information Management Matters

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Positive revenue momentum. It’s a scintillating phrase for all companies. Everyone wants it: investors, the CEO, management and even employees. Stakeholders want revenue (and the associated growing profit margins) that is growing and climbing even faster. Even among the fastest growing companies, key leaders and advisors are always asking “how can we accelerate revenue and improve margins?” As an executive, you need to make sure you have solid answers to this central question and a well thought out plan to create momentum not only in your organization but for the entire company. Download our FREE eBook ‘Can PIM Solutions Help Product Marketers Drive Revenue Faster?’ now to find out this, plus more on:

  • How to sell more – whatever the product may be
  • Improve internal processes that impede revenue growth
  • How to facilitate a revenue-growth organization
  • Ways to drive customer experience (CX)