Hyperconvergance at the edge

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Hyperconvergence at the Edge

The digital business transformation is shifting the location where computing is performed. While enterprise applications have been migrating to centralised data centres and to the cloud, the Internet edge has been moving to branch and remote locations closer to user devices and organisational touchpoints. Organizations and remote and branch offices in general, are all pushing computing to the network edge. Download our whitepaper to find out how Cisco HyperFlex™ Edge brings a robust feature set of systems to your edge environments with a low-cost, easy-to-deploy, centrally managed solution.

In this Infographic we demonstrate how Cisco HyperFlex Edge is designed to help organisations extend their reach, and service customers and employees at their touchpoints. The Hyperflex Edge solution comes with the full power of Cisco HyperFlex systems and is optimised to lower costs and reduce space consumption. With entry-level configurations, Cisco HyperFlex Edge can be deployed in existing edge locations and even use existing networks for cluster communication.