Tech Chat Hits the Road: Employee/Employer Relations and Medical Care with Perkbox


Perkbox Product Launch Event
Last week, we were lucky enough to go down to the Perkbox Product Launch Event. Known for improving employer/employee relations, we thought it wise to head down and find out some of their insights. Not only did we speak to Chieu Cao, co-founder of Perkbox, but we were also fortunate enough to speak to Hannah Sims. Hannah is the product manager of the Perkbox Product “Perkbox Medical”; a platform that is simplifying the accessibility of medical care for employees.

Part One: Chieu Cao talks Employee/Employer Relations

In this exciting interview, Chieu Cao gives us his amazing insights on creating a culture which ultimately improves employee satisfaction while also boosting productivity.

Part Two: Hannah Sims talks Perkbox Medical Care

If you have ever needed access to medical care at work, you will already know how convoluted the process can be. Hannah Sims talks simplifying this stressful process.

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