Top 10 DevOps Service Providers for 2023

The global market for DevOps is evolving at an incredible rate. The value of the market is predicted to reach around £10.56 billion by 2025 or $12.85 billion in USD. This represents a growth rate of about 18.60 compound annual growth rate. 

Over the years, technology giants like Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, and many others have begun to embrace DevOps as a way of delivering a superior experience to their customers. In today's digital world, companies that create agility in the links between development and operation rise ahead of the competition. 

However, not all businesses will have the skills and resources available in-house to take advantage of the growing DevOps ecosystem. This means that countless brands are beginning to outsource their operations to reputable service providers. Here are just 10 of the top offerings to consider in 2019. 


Offering advanced integrations with existing workflows within your workplace, the Delphix platform for DevOps is intended to speed up your time to software delivery. Delphix wants to provide today's businesses with a way to create a development environment in a matter of minutes, complete with all the data and stats that you can handle.

What's more, thanks to integrated data masking, Delphix ensures that any of the upgrades you make to your DevOps strategy don't deliver speed at the expense of security. You can also find documentation on the Delphix website for help on how to make the most of your new tools. 


Designed to improve the simplicity and speed of the modern application lifecycle, Splunk provides empowering opportunities from app concept to monitoring in production. The Splunk platform is a cutting-edge DevOps service that provides real-time insights across every stage of your roadmap, with application release and lifecycle analytics to guide you into making better business decisions. 

Thanks to Splunk, IT teams adopting DevOps can improve the quality, velocity, and impact of their app delivery strategies. Splunk also allows business leaders and app administrators to automate incident management. This reduces issues like alert fatigue and improves uptime for everyone involved. 

Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic is more than just a DevOps service provider. Although the team offers expert guidance for those who want to combine their development and operation lifecycles, they provide state-of-the-art security support too. Over 2,000 enterprises worldwide rely on Sumo Logic to help with developing, operating, collaborating, and securing applications on the cloud. 

With clients like Airbnb and Samsung, Sumo Logic provides a fantastic platform for a host of digital transformation strategies, intended to help you keep up with any of your competitors in the current marketplace. 


A company offering one of the most comprehensive experiences in DevOps solutions, CyberArk is one of the leaders in the marketplace for 2019. The company helps businesses of all sizes to simplify management of product and development lifecycles with pre-validated and ready-to-use toolsets that support easy integration and excellent open-source software. 

CyberArk's robust selection of applications, tools, and APIs for developers make it much easier to combine all your critical tools a unified workplace. What's more, there's an extensive integrations library available for robotic process automation too. 


Kovair claims to be the go-to business for all of your modern software needs. That's quite a bold statement when you consider just how significant software is today. Kovair streamlines and powers performance by helping to integrate various development and product management tools. You can use it to create a central data repository for your team and enhance and synchronise your multiple tools. The tool can also help maintain a more efficient business lifecycle. 

Kovair gives you a unified combination of all the best solutions that your teams need for development, build, deployment, and test features. Therefore, you can go to market faster, with fewer hurdles and roadblocks. Kovair's service is also very easy to implement, cost effective, and time efficient. Thus, it is an excellent choice for smaller businesses and larger brands alike. 


Squadex is a cloud transformation and DevOps consulting company. Their tools are specifically created to bridge the gap between your software development and operations efforts. This company can help you optimise your delivery and development pipelines via cloud architecture expertise and unique digital transformation strategies. 

The company is particularly effective at supporting continuous delivery and integration, zero downtime solutions, and constant monitoring solutions. Furthermore, Squadex also offers public cloud consulting. With their help, your business can take advantage of everything from AWS to Kubernetes via Google, Microsoft Azure, and more. 

New Relic

New Relic helps companies "do DevOps right." According to the team, the New Relic brand can help you set your DevOps team up for success from day one, with service-level objectives and instrumentation. Once you're ready to get started, the New Relic experts will help you define and hone your DevOps strategy. This can be achieved through team dashboards, exceptional reporting, and insights into each transformative change.

New Relic also offers endless opportunities to review your progress on the path to success. This allows you to analyse application resources and infrastructure dependencies. Therefore, you're always discovering new ways to better serve your customers. 


Clarive is one of the first digital tools to promise customers a combined and integrated experience in development and operations lifecycle strategies. This immersive modern service gives developers and business leaders the power to define and schedule their DevOps strategy every step of the way. Furthermore, Clarive gives you the option to set milestones, establish quality gates, among other features. 

With Clarive, users can follow their release progress through various essential stages and environments. Also, users can package source code to suit their workflow. Furthermore, Clarive enables you to automate releases in pipelines to resolve dependencies as your business evolves. 


Tata Consultancy Services, or TCS, is a globally renowned provider of IT services and digital business offerings in the world of Industry 4.0. TCS provides all the tools that businesses need to simplify and transform business operations. These also include services that enhance and engage the digitally evolving world.

TCS also specialises in other crucial areas, including cybersecurity, cloud infrastructure, blockchain development, automation, and analytics and insights. The background that this brand has in various parts of the technology field makes them an excellent partner for any company growth plan. 


A software company best known for its commitment to helping companies with digital transformation and agile performance, XenonStack is a master of intelligent automation. The company offers everything from DevOps services to AI solutions that support the production output of today's fast-paced corporations. It is also one of the top consulting services in the industry.

XenonStack is perfect for any brand that needs help planning and building a continuous delivery pipeline within their network. If you're looking to increase efficiency in your environment with IoT platforms, machine learning, business intelligence, Big Data, and DevOps productivity, this is the brand for you.