CxO of the Week: Susan Walker, Chief Financial Officer at Digital Guardian

Published on
13/12/2019 09:43 AM

Susan Walker, previously known as Susan White, is best known for her position as COO and CFO of Telestream, a company responsible for delivering world-class file-based and live solutions for quality management and workflow support. When Susan arrived at Telestream, she brought more than two decades of experience of working within Wall Street companies, private-equity-backed businesses, and more. As an analytical thinker and innovator capable of out-of-the-box creativity, Susan was a valuable addition to Telestream.  In June 2019, Susan began her latest venture as the CFO at Digital Guardian. Her impressive history ensures that she'll have a great deal to offer in her senior role. 

Building a Career in Finance

Before taking on the role of COO and CFO with Telestream, Susan held several impressive positions. Between 2015 and 2017, she worked as CFO at Avention, a private-equity sponsored company in the SaaS market. Avention offered clients access to crucial business data. Before that, she was Vice President of Finance and Corporate strategy for Aspen Aerogels.  For five years, Susan held numerous roles with a company named Novell. Towards the end of her time with the Novell brand, Susan began building her experience in the CFO role, overseeing financial aspects of the Novell Americas field sales, including insights into monthly expense forecasts and sales. She also offered strategic insights and leadership when it came to making crucial financial decisions for the company.  After achieving her MBA from the Wharton School, and her BA from the University of California in Berkeley for Applied Mathematics and Economics, Susan started her impressive career quickly. By 1997, only two years after getting her MBA, she was working as Vice President for JP Morgan Securities. 

Bringing Technology and Finance Together

Over the years, Susan has worked alongside companies in a range of different industries, from energy production to SaaS innovation. When she's not pursuing the next step in her career, Susan is an avid skier and a passionate hockey mum.  Susan stands out as an impressive executive in the financial world, helping companies grow, evolve, and also innovate.

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