How can SD-WAN help businesses become more agile?

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According to a 2017 report, 50% of all WAN traffic comes from the cloud. As a result, the internet is altering the way in which enterprises work with the introduction of mobile, server virtualisation, and cloud services.

Nevertheless, Expereo points out that enterprises with a global presence are also encountering three common challenges. Coping with higher bandwidth demands, impaired cloud connectivity, and effective management of costs are all causing significant issues.

The power of SD-WAN

Despite these new challenges, standard WAN architecture fails to allow businesses to remain agile. Based on "older, legacy technologies," an outdated WAN can effectively prevent a business from delivering an "optimal user experience for modern business applications."

It is therefore crucial that companies implement a software defined wide area network (SD-WAN). As a result, enterprises could benefit from an "efficient, optimised, and cost-effective" network that ensures business agility.

In contrast to a static and complex traditional network, SD-WAN offers flexibility and streamlined troubleshooting. In fact, Expereo offers global, end-to-end SD-WAN lifestyle management founded upon decades of experience with Internet connectivity.

This includes design, deployment and management plus 24/7 NOC (network operations centre) and CSC operational support. Nevertheless, a single global provider for a complete network cycle is crucial if a business aims to fully benefit from a network enhancement.

The benefits of a single provider

"Any SD-WAN hardware must be racked, stacked, and configured at global scale," Expereo notes. In order to achieve this, the company deploys and installs SD-WAN capable hardware to sites in over 190 countries.

Expereo SD-WAN management also allows enterprises to stay connected 24/7, wherever they are. Companies can therefore access their cloud applications and data wherever they need it with proactive global NOC support.

Although SD-WAN has some optimisation in the WAN overlay, a quality and robust internet underlay is essential. Expereo thus allows enterprises to "achieve consistent performance based on a global supplier base" that ensures "optimal connectivity."

Through real-time site traffic control and advanced network orchestration, organisations can also visualise and manage application performance. In turn, this allows companies to deploy complex features in mere minutes rather than days.

SD-WAN enables organisations to enjoy faster deployment and integration of new branch offices, with centrally managed services and policies. In effect, SD-WAN allows businesses to become more agile in an increasingly digital world.

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