How can companies create a multilingual digital experience?

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In order to create an integrated global message, companies need to cultivate a multilingual digital experience. As Lionbridge observes, marketers need to engage with "today's fast-moving, digitally savvy, experience-focused consumers — wherever they may be."

The power of a multilingual digital experience

According to a Common Sense Advisory study, 75% of global customers prefer to buy products in their native language. It is thus vital that enterprises aim to resonate with every customer in every language, culture, and market.

In order to do so, a Lionbridge whitepaper insists that organisations require a combination of global and regional insights, top-quality content, and seamless creative production. As a result, marketers can potentially construct more locally targeted, culturally appropriate, and personally resonant campaigns.

By implementing a multilingual digital experience, enterprises can ultimately benefit from higher engagement, while optimising their ROI. With Lionbridge as a partner, more companies are beginning to gain insights and leverage the tools they need to keep innovating, generating better outcomes, and optimising processes and budgets.

Tackling common challenges

Modern marketers must now find innovative ways of resolving old challenges in order to deliver nuanced campaigns. It is also more important than ever to stay ahead of the latest developments in marketing technology, while keeping customers happy and thus generating more leads.

Nevertheless, many organisations are reportedly failing to drive pipeline growth, while simultaneously managing increasing costs and shrinking deadlines. It is also becoming increasingly difficult to customise CX and drive customer loyalty.

Finally, marketing to new markets and segments as well as keeping multichannel content powerful and unique can be complex. In an effort to tackle these common challenges, Lionbridge offers clients a combination of visibility, confidence, and reach.

The data-powered platform provides technical tools to ensure that messages are successful both globally and regionally. In effect, a team of global strategists, technologists, linguists, and production experts balance real-time, in-market understanding with global messaging needs.

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