Top 10 Companies Revolutionising the Enterprise Through Legacy App Modernisation

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These days, the technology lifecycle is growing increasingly shorter. 

New competitors are emerging into the market, disrupting the industry with state-of-the-art solutions for managing data and virtual growth. On top of that, customer expectations are evolving too. This is forcing businesses and IT teams to rethink the way that they implement new tools for communication and service. 

In this environment, the legacy IT systems that used to be capable not long ago are quickly becoming obsolete. To stay ahead, you need a way to upgrade and enhance your critical processes, without losing your initial investments. Application modernisation allows businesses to refactor, consolidate, and repurpose their legacy software programming to support more current business needs. 

So, which businesses can give you the modernisation support you need in 2019?


Finally, Accenture gives legacy companies everything they need to move into the future with a team of modernisation specialists to support them. With Accenture, IT leaders can remove unnecessary operating costs from their day-to-day processes, freeing up room for revenue-generating strategies and also new opportunities. 

With more than 12,000 modernisation professionals in the Accenture team, you're sure to get plenty of support when it comes to taking your business to the next level. What's more, you can get quick answers to any questions you might have about renewing, replacing, or consolidating your applications. Accenture makes it easier to derive the most value from both your new and existing apps.

IBM Corporation 

IBM is a well-known name in the technology environment. The IBM Corporation can help today's companies with their digital transformation and modernisation efforts, by simplifying, speeding, and automating the application deployment process. You can easily work with IBM to move from a monolithic to microservices strategy, keeping costs to a minimum, and implementing new technology. 

Furthermore, IBM has an advanced portfolio of modernisation services to offer, including portfolio assessments, applications migration, UI modernisation, and even application re-hosting. If you want to re-launch any legacy applications, you can do so through microservices, containers, integrated Kubernetes, and DevOps. 


Oracle helps companies to break free from the shackles of legacy technology, by ensuring that they can continue to use the services they need while taking advantage of newer solutions. With Oracle, you can combine your initial investments with new disruptive tools like IoT, cloud, and mobile. What's more, the Oracle migration and transformation process is designed to minimise disruption too. 

With Oracle, it's easy for companies to maximise their ROI from applications and various crucial technologies. By identifying opportunities for business value and understanding existing application usage, Oracle can guide you step-by-step through your path to digital transformation. 


HCL provides an effective and efficient approach to legacy application modernisation, with an ability to integrate various unique capabilities into a cohesive environment. You can automate old and time-consuming processes by upgrading your processes into faster, more efficient frameworks. Plus, HCL will help with machine learning-based cloud assessments, re-engineering of applications, and migrations. 

The biggest strength that HCL offers in application modernisation is the fact that the company has years of experience figuring out how to make tools work more seamlessly together. These capabilities are supported by automated and intelligent tools - ideal for legacy revitalisation. 

Micro Focus 

The Micro Focus team takes a unique approach to modernisation by giving you a solution that's low risk and affordable too. The team will analyse a range of strategies for digitally transforming your workplace. Furthermore, they will aim to keep application logic as preserved as possible for a more productive evolution. You can also access a host of new tools and methods for transformation through the Micro Focus framework. 

Intended to support businesses in modernising their applications and accelerating their operations, the Micro Focus solution gives you a comprehensive approach to migration that focuses on infrastructure, applications, and internal processes. 


Fujitsu's Global Application Modernisation service was created to help companies get the most out of their older applications, without being restricted by them. It enables access to all the new tools you need to unlock today's digital environment. Importantly, you can do so while still getting value out of your original investments into legacy applications. 

The Fujitsu service was created to improve the usability, longevity, functionality, and accessibility of your technology stack. What's more, the Fujitsu team are on hand to help you address common issues during digital transformation and migration. These include issues such as technology redundancy, skill rarity, and also high operating costs. 


Dell has always committed to delivering an excellent range of technology solutions for today's IT customers. Their range of application modernisation options is designed to reduce costs of migrating into the cloud and new digital processes. If you're looking for a way to enhance business agility, Dell's integrated approaches to modernisation are sure to give you the flexibility you need. 

Dell's application modernisation team will help you accelerate your success strategy by giving you access to constant support. This includes in the assessment, planning, configuration, and transitioning of your existing portfolio into a new platform or cloud container. 

Tech Mahindra

A company specialising in application modernisation services, Tech Mahindra addresses the complex needs of customers when it comes to conversion, rewriting, and porting legacy systems in the workplace. The application migration service moves applications from old to new software frameworks or from one structure to another.

With Tech Mahindra, you can reduce some of the high maintenance costs common among legacy IT environments. You can also unlock the benefits of seamless interoperability in even some of the most disjointed of systems.


Cognizant is another company with years of experience in helping organisations get the most out of modern technologies and infrastructure. The company helps businesses develop and manage operations for better security, support, and growth. As well as this, the team can help mitigate your transformation and migration risks as you move into the future. 

Envisioning and deploying elegant solutions for business growth, Cognizant will help you to deliver on your digital transformation promises by ensuring that you can access all the IT infrastructure you need, without leaving your most important legacy investments behind. 


Capgemini is a technology company with the knowledge and background required to help businesses confidently migrate their applications into the cloud. The firm carefully assesses the software available in your network and applies strategies to minimise disruption, reduce costs, and enhance speed. Capgemini can also help with improving the returns on your cloud investment. 

The Capgemini team makes individual applications in your environment more flexible by improving the interoperability between cloud-based business functions, legacy systems, and more. That way, you can preserve the value of critical assets while taking new steps into the future.