CRM is a top investment priority for enterprises in 2019

Published on
12/12/2019 01:43 PM

33% of contact centre leaders have cited Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as their top investment priority for 2019. This is according to Evolve IP's annual North American Contact Centre Survey, which also found that business intelligence continues to be a top priority.

CRM investment continues

The Computer Weekly/TechTarget IT Priorities survey of IT systems buyers also supported these findings. In fact, 35% of respondents from the UK and Ireland said that CRM remained a priority investment in 2019.

According to Evolve IP, contact centre leaders now desire deeper analytics and more reporting. However, many reportedly "struggle integrating the applications that could turn data into wisdom."

In order to address this, the "majority of organisations" said that they had prioritised investing in innovative tools. These included CRM integrations, business intelligence and omnichannel solutions.

Solving a real-world problem

Without a CRM system, Funnel recalls "an ongoing problem with handling work inquiries coming mostly from our own website." This entailed either losing track of them or forgetting to follow up on deals without a reply.

The team recognised a real-world problem that needed solving. As a result, Funnel CRM was born which ultimately "made an enormous difference" in the way the company "handled deals with potential customers."

Funnel then benefited from an "unmistakable spike" in the number of deals they closed. Thus, the company decided to open up the innovative tool to other people seeking to deliver reliable, quality service.

The value of Funnel CRM

Trying to manage gathering leads, interacting with clients, and sending quotes can be an incredibly overwhelming experience. In order to streamline this process, Funnel CRM centralises these tasks into one intelligent tool.

The intelligent CRM for agencies allows companies to boost sales productivity by allowing users to create quotes and proposals faster than ever. In addition to this, the tool automates manual tasks and lands leads directly into the cloud CRM.

Funnel CRM also allows companies to connect with a client that has been out of touch for a while. Employees can actively and easily follow up on new leads and ultimately centralise all of their interactions into one place.

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