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There are some things in business that will always be certain: your company needs to make profit, it needs to make customers happy, and it needs to grow – and the more global the growth, the better. However, many organisations are reluctant to set up entities abroad because of the huge investment it typically entails.

Historically, cash flow has been the green light – or hindrance – for expansion and growth of a company, especially in other countries. In particular, businesses with limited finances and resources would not usually entertain the idea of setting up international subsidiaries until the money fills up, but when you're raring to go with burning enthusiasm, the wait can be frustrating.

It's a catch 22 for most businesses. By growing your company elsewhere, you will surely achieve increased profitability and enjoy exposure to a new local market. However, the cost and hassle of setting up subsidiaries in the first place, and the inability to run a locally compliant payroll, often deters businesses from reaping these benefits.

Money isn't the only problem either. Time differences, language barriers, and an overall lack of familiarity with local markets and regulations can also be a burden. Thus, for many organisations, expansion is too much hassle for them to seriously consider.

Globalization Partners

Despite the numerous complexities, there is a solution to your expansion problems: Globalization Partners. The company’s Global Expansion Platform™ is the solution you have been desperately waiting for, or never knew you needed. Either way, your organisation needs to add it to its solution portfolio, asap. 

With Globalization Partners, you can hire anyone, anywhere in the world, without the hassle and cost of setting up subsidiaries. In fact, it's without the hassle of anything. All you have to do is choose a candidate you want, and Globalization Partners will do the rest.

Founded by Nicole Sahin in 2012, Globalization Partners is built on her recognition that global business comes with a lot of barriers. Complex payrolls, human resources, and legal issues alone are enough to make any business abandon a global initiative. 

How does it work?

The platform runs on a powerful combination of Globalization Partners’ worldwide entities, in-house expertise, and fully integrated technology. Through the entities, they will onboard your chosen candidate compliantly in days – yes, days. In doing so, the company will make payroll and tax filings in accordance with local laws. Globalization Partners executes high payroll accuracy, making its platform one you can trust.

Globalization Partners is all about growth, and the company practises what it preaches. As of 4 February 2020, the company announced the close of a $150 million minority equity investment. This was led by funds managed by Wincove Private Holdings and TDR Capital, with participation from Sands Capital. In turn, the investor group and funding will further accelerate the rapid growth that the company is already enjoying.

Thus, there's no better time to start your journey with Globalization Partners. No, really: companies based outside the UK would often open London offices as a gateway to Europe. However, this is no longer the case post-Brexit, so businesses must open sister offices in London and Europe too. Globalization Partners takes the mystery out of the post-Brexit 'what happens now?' and makes your expansion a reality in a matter of days.

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