How can businesses get the best out of their bandwidth?


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The COVID-19 outbreak ushered many a remote working neophyte into the work-from-home model. Naturally, as businesses clambered to get equipped and demands for cloud computing began to rise, many were left thinking: can the bandwidth backbone hold up? Side note: no, coronavirus has not broken the internet. With this in mind, it makes an appropriate time for businesses to reflect on their own enterprise networks. Company bandwidth usage experiences year-on-year growth, and this will continue until businesses have soaked it up until they physically can't any longer. Once its limitations are reached, enterprises are then unable to deliver the user and customer experiences they would like. So, what considerations should businesses take into account to ensure better network performance ahead of our return to the office? Historically, businesses have been bandwidth-hungry. In particular, bandwidth grabbing and expansion are the traditional techniques de rigeur, with possible thanks to a sentiment that you need more to do more. As a result, competition and costs are high in the endeavour to provide optimum network performance. However, ephemeralisation, the idea to do "more and more with less and less", is surfacing as the most effective and sustainable thought track for businesses to ensure better cost savings and longevity. Instead, organisations should be considering how to make the most out of their existing network, rather than fixating on expansion. Martello Technologies demonstrates well how bandwidth optimisation is the best train of thought for your business, and here's how it works.

Making the most with Martello

Martello provides bandwidth optimisation solutions to boost the efficiency of your network. At the heart of its offering is its industry-standard secure sockets layer VPN. Organisations can supplement or replace WAN links with Martello's VPN to unlock the route to an optimised network, encapsulating and transporting the traffic it receives to the remote site. What's more, Martello comes with quality of service capabilities that enable organisations to prioritise traffic. This way, companies can ensure that key elements such as email and VoIP have the bandwidth they need to operate efficiently. On the other hand, it makes sure that less critical activities do not subtract from the bandwidth that higher-priority activities require by placing restrictions on them. In other words, listening to Spotify is not going to impact network performance during business-critical tasks. Not only does Martello come with easy configuration, but it doesn't set in stone and is easily adaptable to the tune of your needs. Companies can continuously work with their solution to allocate bandwidth to the most pressing corporate priorities. Businesses can also take advantage of Martello to free the unused bandwidth in non-peak business schedules for core activities.

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