Top 10 Companies with the Best Employee/Employer Relations

Published on
13/12/2019 07:38 AM

For a company to thrive in today's competitive landscape, it needs to do a lot more than just keep customers happy. As valuable as your customer experiences are, it's also crucial to improve employee/employer relations. After all, a happy team is a successful team.

Businesses with better employer/employee relations benefit from stronger levels of staff satisfaction, and higher engagement. Furthermore, according to research from the HayGroup, offices with engaged employees are up to 43% more productive than their counterparts.

For an insight into how you can master employee relations, here are 10 of the enterprises responsible for nurturing some the happiest staff members in the world.


Finally, Google is probably the best-known company in the world when it comes to employer and employee relations. The company is very transparent about the culture that they want to create in their office. Google believes that it's crucial to break down the barriers between staff members at every level, so employees can feel empowered and inspired at work.

Google even encourages people to do something outside of their typical work function each day, so that they can develop a more creative mindset. In the quest to empower modern team members, we all have something to learn from Google.


Lytx is a pioneering innovator in the technology space, looking for ways to transform driver behavior and make our roads safer. They believe that their employees have the power to save people's lives, so it's fair to say that they take employer and employee relations pretty seriously.

To keep everyone working together on the same page, Lytx invests in the latest technology and techniques to support a productive work environment. Furthermore, there's a spacious on-site café, dry-cleaning services, and a robust system of collaboration tools for team members to use each day.


The advanced and varied technology from Symphony allows businesses to exchange crucial information and content through the internet, using cloud-based SaaS models. This business is all about communication, which also means that they're perfectly-suited for delivering a fantastic relations strategy for their team members.

Every member of staff is encouraged to take ownership of a specific vertical that they're most interested in. This means that people have the freedom to work in an environment that they're truly passionate about. The strategy leads to greater pride in the business, stronger loyalty from employees, and better performance overall.


One of the best-known companies in the world, Virgin delivers services across a range of industries. The business has earned a fantastic reputation over the years for its ability to listen to their employees, value their opinions and respect their ideas. By letting people know that they can share their thoughts freely with business leaders, Virgin has no problem coming up with endless innovative new ideas.

Listening is at the heart of most employer/employee relations programs but is frequently overlooked in larger enterprise environments. Virgin proves that no matter how big you get, it still pays to listen to your team.


A market-leading company in geographic information system software, Esri shows their customers how to use technology and geography to get more out of the world around them. With their unique approach to business, Esri isn't just changing the physical landscape; they're making an impact on the work environment too.

At Esri, employers listen to the needs of their team members and encourage them to take breaks regularly so that they're less likely to feel overwhelmed at work. There's also plenty of ways for staff to blow off stream with games like cricket, ice-hockey, and foosball.

Good Apple Digital

Often, the firms with the best employee/employer relations are the ones with their vision set firmly on the future. For instance, Good Apple Digital is a boutique media agency that supports digital marketing planning in the independent marketplace. In this company, employees have a rather fantastic opportunity to choose specific projects that they believe are best-suited to their skills.

The flexible nature of the work at Good Apple Digital means that team members have a chance to showcase their individual talents and get noticed by managers. Furthermore, promotions are given in the organisation based on performance, not length of employment.


Placemeter is a highly intelligent technology company that consumes video data to analyse vehicular and pedestrian movement in cities. The enterprise aims to support the development of smarter cities and stronger businesses in neighborhoods around the world.

At Placemeter, employee/employer relations are supported through a highly ritualistic strategy of welcoming, engaging, and integrating new employees. As soon as someone joins the team, they're invited into a number of unique settings where they can socialize, including ice-cream breaks, team lunches and happy hours. It's a great way to keep everyone on the same page within the business.

Ultimate Software

Ultimate Software is a huge enterprise company the delivers some of the world's leading solutions for human capital management, including payroll, HR services, compensation strategies, and time and labor management. It makes sense that a company so invested in supporting employees and employers would also be leading the way when it comes to employer/employee relations.

Ultimate Software engages and empowers their employees by implementing gamification strategies and constant recognition so that everyone in the team feels like they're a part of the company's growth. Team members get to see first-hand how their efforts help the business to thrive.


L2 is a professional group that supports members all the way from Procter and Gamble, to Google. Ultimately, the purpose of the company is to help businesses understand their digital footprint and develop their online presence as effectively as possible.

To drive the best possible results, L2 relies on a team of highly-engaged employees. Though it's been in business for a couple of years now, the brand still maintains a startup culture where everyone in the team has the power to pioneer, inspire, and innovate together. There's plenty of freedom for staff members to take responsibility for unique projects and expand their skills in new areas. It's a great place for professionals to learn and grow.

Take-Two Interactive Software

Take-Two Interactive Software is a well-known developer and publisher of interactive games and entertainment for people around the world. The chances are you've already heard of its two labels - 2K and Rockstar Games.

Take-Two isn't just an excellent business because they know how to appeal to the needs and expectations of their target audience - they're also effective because they understand the value in empowering their employees. The business maintains strong employer/employee relations by using their branded "Energizer Series" to provide staff members with access to everything they need to manage stress in the workplace. Team members are encouraged to form better bonds through yoga classes, Zumba, and "ice cream socials."