Why are so many enterprises deploying hybrid cloud

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Today, more enterprises are deploying hybrid cloud in order to increase agility and scalability. In fact, Gartner experts insist that 90% of organisations will have adopted some form of hybrid cloud by 2020.

Why are more enterprises deploying hybrid cloud?

As Gartner observes, a monumental shift towards hybrid infrastructure services is currently underway. This is reportedly due to the growth and cloud and industrialised services, alongside the decline of traditional data centre outsourcing.

Forbes also found that hybrid cloud adoption among organisations tripled in the last year, from 19% to 57%. The research also indicated that 80% of all IT budgets will commit to cloud solutions by the end of this year.

Amit Chaudhry, VP of Product Marketing at DataStax, told us that there's a very good reason for this shift. "As technology has leaped forward and customer expectations for always-on, always-updated applications have become the norm, enterprises have had to bridge the gap between legacy data applications and cloud-based applications in order to keep pace."

In order to address this, hybrid cloud combines on-premise, public, private, and hosted clouds. As Chaudhry observes, it has "become the best way to bridge that gap and empower enterprises to deliver the type of customer experiences needed to compete while still leveraging investments in legacy systems."

Ensuring agility with hybrid cloud

In order to remain agile, constructing a hybrid cloud should remain a core component of an organisation's strategy. However, it is also important to balance the demands of business agility with cost-effectiveness, performance, and business continuity when deploying hybrid cloud.

With this in mind, some companies fail to reconcile the difference between their perception of hybrid cloud and reality. Rather than replacing IT infrastructure, hybrid cloud enables IT teams to begin to focus on meeting agile business demands.

Although many companies turn to hybrid cloud to reduce costs, this is not always feasible. Instead, the investment in the scalability of hybrid clouds allows teams to increase agility across the entire organisation.

How can companies balance the cloud and hybrid reality? We spoke to Martin Kuppinger, Founder and Principal Analyst at KuppingerCole, to find out

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