Using Agile Management Tools to Make Projects Easier

We're living in a world where the need for speed is greater than ever.

Agile methodologies like Scrum, Kanban and more are helping companies to get more done, accelerate their time to market and boost brand reputation. 71% of organizations report using agile methodologies for their project management tasks.

However, while agile strategies have the power to speed up business performance, companies still need procedures in place to keep track of these fast-moving campaigns. Agile project management tools could be the solution, with 87% of high-performing companies relying on this software today.

The question is, which agile project management tools will enhance your company outcomes?


Finally, perhaps the best-known agile management tools in existence, Jira is the go-to strategy for most companies. Loved by teams around the world, Jira by Atlassian gives companies the power to manage a variety of different projects, including agile Scrum and Kanban and traditional tasks. Jira is incredibly flexible in its configuration. You can adjust workflows to suit your needs and match project layouts to how your team works.

Additionally, Jira also offers an incredible number of integrations and extensions. You can connect to Github or Bitbucket or unlock over 2,000 different add-ons within the Atlassian marketplace. The options for extending your agile project management tool are endless.

Pivotal Tracker

Designed primarily for Development teams, Pivotal Tracker is an easy-to-use project management tool that's ideal for people using Kanban methodologies. The Pivotal Tracker system is suitable for tracking the velocity of performance and predicting future outcomes. It's also great for business leaders that need to keep on top of multiple projects at once. Customizable workspaces ensure you can view your plans side-by-side and organize them by priority.

The thing that makes Pivotal Tracker extra impressive is its commitment to integrations. There are over 140 extensions to choose from, including Slack, GitHub, Zendesk and many more. There's also an API available if you want to integrate Pivotal Tracker into your existing workflow.


One of the most customizable project management tools on the market, Hansoft is designed to give Agile organizations everything they need to sprint ahead of the competition. If you need a tool that you can easily extend or simplify to suit your business needs, Hansoft is it. The system comes with a range of valuable learning tools that you can access to get the most out of various features on the platform. There's also enough support for more than 10,000 users at once.

Hansoft offers the opportunity to use Scrum, Kanban, and even Gantt-style frameworks side-by-side. What's more, this tool is excellent at backlog management. You can quickly group and add items according to sprints, themes, epics and more. Document sharing, instant messaging, and real-time news feeds are also available.


Nostromo is a relatively new addition to the agile management tools list. However, that doesn't make this software any less appealing. With features that include time administration, task management, to-do lists, analytics, and reporting, there's something for everyone.

If you like the functionality and performance of Trello, but you're searching for something with a lot more features to offer, then you'll love Nostromo. Described by many as Trello on steroids, Nostromo is one of the best Kanban tools on the market, and it's easy enough to use too.


Give your entire workforce a better view of the big picture with Blossom. The project management Kanban tool design helps support distributed teams. Along with a customizable Kanban workflow where you can view the status of the current work, you can also access a host of flexible cards to track performance. There's file-sharing, real-time comments, to-do lists and more.

One of the best things about Blossom is its focus on maintaining clarity and simplicity. The interface is clean and easy to use, and if you need anything extra, there's plenty of integrations with Slack, Flowdock, HipChat, GitHub and more to explore.


A fully-featured, award-winning agile management solution, created to enhance productivity. Through trackable tasks and performance overviews, Ravetree ensures that your employees can work faster, access the resources they need, and unlock endless opportunities through information. There's also comment feeds and @mentions so that you can keep your teams connected while they work.

Ravetree's Agile agile management tools build directly into their framework. With this tool, you get more than just an enhanced development tool for software teams. You get a project-management solution specifically designed for agile workers, with custom fields and tables, personalized notification controls, and resource forecasting.

Easy Redmine

Redmine is one of the world's favorite agile project management tools. Used by more than 70,000 people around the world, this simple tool comes with collaboration features, task management, and even issue tracking too. On top of that, you'll find all the standard capabilities of a project management tool, like roadmaps, calendars, Gantt charts and more.

With Easy Redmine, you get a host of project management features, as well as the ability to add in further extensions for finance, resource, and customer management too. For instance, you might decide to build in payroll features, or solutions that track the revenue you get from each project. If you're looking for an agile project management tool that also teaches you more about your company, this could be it.


Wrike is another excellent, yet easy-to-use agile management tool for companies that can't afford to compromise on efficiency. You can integrate Wrike with your email services to ensure that your employees are always informed about their latest projects and deadlines. Additionally, Wrike gives you the agile processes that you need to manage multiple projects and teams in the same place.

Along with Kanban boards and Gantt charts, Wrike also offers reports, analytics, and real-time insights into your workflow. It's a tool that the whole team can easily use daily too.


If you've heard of project management, then you probably know about Trello too. It's the ultimate simple, yet effective Kanban board for everyday employees. If you're looking for easy access to the world of agile management tools, and you don't want something too complicated, Trello is one of the easiest systems to learn how to use. Although it's limited in advanced functionality, Trello has everything you need to keep your team on the same page. You can access file sharing, drag-and-drop project boards and more.

If you decide to upgrade to the paid "premium" version, then you can integrate additional power-ups into your Trello experience. This includes integrations with tools like Salesforce, Gantt charts, Slack and more.

Zoho Sprints

Zoho started as nothing more than a CRM tool. Now it's an incredible network of platforms and strategies intended to boost workplace performance. Zoho Sprints agile management tools promises to keep business leaders informed of their employees' progress on projects. Through the easy-to-understand interface, you can check performance backlogs, examine timesheets and more.

The drag-and-drop planning center is excellent for creating agile sprints. You can even determine which tasks are the most essential with priority listings and keep your employees posted with automated reminders.